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Under-eye bags and lower face sagging are some of the most obvious signs of aging, but you no longer need surgery to recapture your younger look. The revolutionary AGNES RF system is the first nonsurgical radiofrequency solution for both issues. At About Face Hawaii in Kailua, Hawaii, your highly trained specialist customizes your nonsurgical eye-lift and lower face contouring using a range of micro-insulated needles to ensure impressive results without surgery. Book your appointment online or by calling About Face Hawaii now.

Non-Surgical Eyelift and Lower Face Contouring (Agnes RF) Q & A

What is AGNES RF?

AGNES RF is a nonsurgical precision sculpting tool for under-eye bags and lower face sagging, including neck jowls. The AGNES RF system includes an ultrafine hollow needle that delivers pulses of measured radiofrequency energy below your skin to shape and refine your problem areas. AGNES RF can give you surgery-like results with much less skin damage, no incisions, and minimal downtime. 

How does a nonsurgical eye-lift and lower face contouring work?

Your specialist at About Face Hawaii typically applies a topical numbing cream and/or injects local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. They’ll also mark the treatment areas to use as a guide during the procedure. 

Then, your aesthetics care provider selects the needle depth best suited for the treatment area to deliver measured radiofrequency energy pulses where you need them. You won’t feel much (if any) sensation during this process, although you could feel a mild stinging in the treatment areas where your skin is thin.

The radiofrequency energy melts a small amount of fat (the fat pads causing your eye bags or other skin sagging) and simultaneously tightens the loose skin. This leaves you with more contoured, tighter skin and a more youthful look.

When will I see results after AGNES RF treatment?

You’ll notice an immediate difference following the first treatment, but you’ll have some minor swelling that can make it hard to see the true results for up to two weeks. At that time, you’ll notice dramatic improvement, and results continue to improve for up to three months. 

Depending on how much excess fat and skin sagging you’ve got, you might need just a single treatment or around 2-3 treatments max. 

What is recovery like for AGNES RF treatment?

After a nonsurgical eye-lift or lower face contouring treatment with AGNES RF, you can expect swelling, redness, and possible bruising for up to a couple of weeks. Most patients have little-to-no actual downtime, which is very different than the two weeks or more you often need to recover from cosmetic surgery. 

Interested in sculpting your face without surgery? AGNES RF at About Face Hawaii could be the treatment for you! Call the office now or use the online scheduler to arrange your consultation now.

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